A Swedish award winning creative producer for visual content in marketing.

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Meet Josef

A Swedish multi-talented creative producer who loves the art of storytelling. After 15 years in the business, he still injects passion into every project.

The Inspirer

Two words that describe Josef Eliasson are "passionate" and "positive". "Communication is all about getting your message to cut through the noise", he says. To always strive for improvement is fundamental, and precisely why Josef Eliasson goes the extra mile in whatever he is doing.

The Producer & Project-Leader

Josef Eliasson started his own company - SUNDAY AB - in Uppsala, Sweden in January 2003. Ever since he has been managing both small and large projects across all aspects of marketing. Over the years, Sunday has had more than 150 clients, with projects launched all over the world. From local TV spots to international marketing campaigns, you name it... Josef's done it. Thanks to a positive mindset, a passion for every project and the will to always create something new and better, Sunday's growth has been constant.

The Director

Successful storytelling and directing comes from an understanding of what you as the client need to say, and to whom it is meant to reach. This is applicable to everything that needs direction, from TV ads to website navigation. For Josef Eliasson, the passion to think through images, and to tell stories through visual information, never ends.

The Photographer for stills and motion

"Photographic imagery is either motion or still, it's all about the lighting and the elements that you place in the frame" Josef says. Working in close collaboration with the client, every detail is carefully thought through when doing a photoshoot. Josef has the most modern equipment available, and is ready to travel anywhere in the world at any time. Flexibility and passion for quality are important components, but reliability and speed of delivery are essential values that you can be confident in trusting to Josef Eliasson too.

Nice to hear from you

I would love to meet you - please call +46 70 725 22 26 or fill in your details below and I will get back to you within 24hrs.

You can also reach me by mail booking@josefeliasson.com

The Work

Throughout the last 15 years Josef Eliasson has filmed, photographed and produced over 200 projects and won 6 different awards. Here is a glimpse of it all:

All material in this showreel has been produced by Josef Eliasson.


Highlights from the last 2 years of photographic shooting

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The clients

For Josef Eliasson, personal contact is of the essence, no matter the size of the company or region where it is active. Over 100 satisfied clients are testimony to this.

The gear

Whether producing 4K video with the RED Scarlet or high-end stills with Canon's 5D Mark III using daylight-balanced HMI lighting from Profoto. What does your project need?

Josef only invests in the latest gear from the leading brands in the industry. He has created a perfect blend made for flexibility and guaranteeing professional results in every situation. When working locally in Sweden, Josef Eliasson has a truck with large cases for transportation, as well as an outdoor electric generator and all the necessary grip equipment, including a large glidetrack that makes those smooth camera takes a breeze. On the technical side, a RED Scarlet with shoulder rig, Sachtler stands, a Canon 5D Mark III with L lenses and much more is ready to make the next production a success.

The studio

If your project needs a studio for portraits, product shots, editing, grading or just animations, you have come to the right place! Josef Eliasson has a 250sqm newly-renovated facility with 150sqm photo studio, a large Apple-based editing bay with a full grading and editing suite, a dressing room, a conference room and ample grip and gear storage space. The flexibility of the studio is limitless, its size facilitates both projects requiring intricate detail as well as more spontaneous, creative projects.

Are you in the neighbourhood? Please feel free to stop by for a fresh cup of coffee and see what we can offer!

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